Little Ones' Consignment Sale

For information on obtaining a seller number, please visit the Registration page, linked above.

If you are a new seller or even a veteran with a question, please look at the Seller Instructional Guide and feel free to post your query to our Facebook page.  That will ensure the fastest response, and may also help another seller with the same question.  You can also email us at for answers.  We are happy to help make sure your items are prepped correctly and ready to go on the floor as soon as they are checked in, so ask away!

Sale dates for the Fall/Winter 2021 will be Frida, August 6 and Saturday, August 7.  Seller Registration will begin online at 8:00 am on Saturday, June 5th.  Click on the Registration link above.  You will pick up your seller check at the conclusion of the sale on Saturday from 6:00-6:30 pm.  Unsold items that have not been donated must be picked up on Saturday from 6:00-6:30 pm.

FOR THE FALL/WINTER 2021 SALE:  This sale will be limited to 100 sellers, so please register early.  There will be ONE drop off time every 10 minutes on designated days for safety purposes.  Sellers are encouraged to box (in non-returnable/cardboard boxes) as much of their inventory as possible to ease the check-in process.

Once you have gathered your gently loved items (up to 200!!) for the sale please check the recall websites for the safety of your items: or

  • We will accept formal wear that is priced less than $50. Formal wear must be hung and placed in a clear dry-cleaner bag
  • We will accept Junior Accessories - scarves, belts, hats, purses, wallets, cell phone accessories, socks, fashion tights, neck/bow ties.  Please place these items in bags, tag pinned to the inside, and seal with packing tape.
  • We will accept all sizes of shoes, no more than 10 pair per seller, clean and dry.  Please place shoes in a bag, tag pinned inside, and seal with packing tape.
  • All donated items should be marked YES to reduce to give you the best chance of selling your items.
  • Clothing sets sold together must be the same size.
  • Junior sizes should be written as SX, Sm, Med, Lg, XL so that the items can be hung on the correct racks for the best visibility during the sale.
  • If you have multiple seller numbers, please separate items by seller number prior to check in to ensure all your items are checked in correctly.
  • Please place ALL accessories, regardless of category (junior, boy, girl, infant, etc.) inside of zipper bags, with the tag pinned or taped inside, and seal with packing tape.  Do NOT place these items on a hanger.

We will accept the following Junior items and sizes:

  • Girls’ pants, size 00-18
  • Boys’ pants, size 26-36 waist
  • Girls’ and Boys’ shirts, size Extra Small to Extra Large
  • Girls’ dresses, follow shirt & pants sizes

We will NOT accept the following junior-sized items:

Underwear, lingerie, bathing suits

Please refer to the Acceptable/Unacceptable List, located in the Seller Instructional Guide, for clarification.

LOCS reserves the right to reject any item that is deemed non-appealing to teens in regards to size, style,  and appropriateness.