Little Ones' Consignment Sale

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Upcoming Sale Dates: March 6 & 7, 2015

Please view our most recent newsletter to learn additional information about the sale and the organizations we support through your generous donations and purchases.

We accept Junior Sizes!!!

NEW THIS SALE:  You can now bring 200 items per seller number!!

****  Some sellers using the Excel Inventory Sheet are experiencing issues with the formatting in the size column (for example, size 8-10 is changing to Aug-10). If you see this and IF you are comfortable with Excel, to fix the problem, please click on the B (size) column to highlight the entire column. Then, right click on that column and choose Format Cells. It should default to the Number tab. Under Category, choose TEXT, then click Okay. This should fix the issue. Please be sure to check your tags to make sure that the change carried over (prior to the fix, a weird number was showing up on the tags).  If you are not comfortable with changing the formatting options in Excel, please just use the smaller number in the size column (for example, if your item is 8-10, please only put 8 in the size). Also be sure to check your tags prior to printing to be sure that the issue didn't carry over.  ****